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5 Question To Ask About your Online Presence

In the digital age, it is hard to understand where the real value exists among the wide array of products and agencies all vying for your attention.

It is clear to everyone that business on the internet is vital. It isn’t hard to convince most business owners of this. Even so, for the skeptics, the COVID -19 pandemic has shown consumers rushing to digital means for all aspects of their lives. This is not a temporary change in behavior. For many, this will be habit-forming. The brands they connected with on their phones and computers will likely keep them. There has been a clear precedent set and a new bar for all businesses to meet.

In all industries, we must embrace the new technology, but to do this without a plan will waste your time and money. Before starting a plan you must evaluate where your company stands. 

Here are the top five questions to ask yourself about your online presence when planning out what is of value to your business.


Can customers find you?

How easy is your business to find? Now that everyone has some presence on the internet it can get crowded. A unique brand footprint is the number one way that your company will stand out. Not only do you want clicks and views but you want to make sure you are converting those interactions into the business. 


How is it making you money?

Your bottom line is important. Have markers set up to analyze how your online presence is driving revenue. There are countless ways to increase your revenue online and your bottom line is missing out if you aren’t using all of them.


Is it making lives easier?

Technology is amazing at creating seamless processes … sometimes. The customers’ ability to contact, book, or buy shouldn’t face any barriers. Behind the scenes, your technology shouldn’t be slowing you down. If you do have hassles there is almost always a solution.


What are you doing with your data?

Many companies haven’t started collecting data. In this age, consumers have a unique ability to provide lots of information about what they want and how. Your ability to analyze important data is a key to growing revenue.


Are you proud of how you look?

Your company is unique. Who you are, what you do, and why you do it. These values are the reasons your enterprise exists and should be out front in all interactions. The tools available on the internet are prenominal and you should take advantage of them to express your message your way.

Where can I go from here?

None of these questions are easy to answer alone. At Bless Consulting our team can help you through all the stages of getting online and scaling once you are there.
For a more in-depth checklist of all the steps in the journey to maximizing revenue or any other questions please reach out, and our team will be in touch.

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